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Why Should I Work With a Planner?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

This is without a doubt one of our favorite questions to answer regarding our business - not only because we have a seemingly endless variety of reasons for you, but also because all of those answers boil down to one really meaningful point: Couples that utilize the services of a professional planner are able to enjoy their wedding day more than couples that don't! We LOVE the fact that we get to be the people that help you soak up the happiest day of your life with as little stress as possible. We own several responsibilities that go into planning and executing your wedding day so that you and your family can just have fun. It's so much work. It's quite literally a labor of love. But, we are filled to the brim with a passion for it, and we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to give you the day of your dreams, too. *grabs tissues*

Photographer: Chelsea Reece Photography

All of that said, there are several explicit benefits to working with one of our seasoned planners. The level of help that you need will dictate what we are able to do for you, but we will absolutely meet you wherever you are in the planning process and fill in the gaps. A handful of perks that come along with booking a *Full Service* XO Event Co. planner include:

-Unlimited meetings and communication

-Budget allocation and management

-Timeline development, wedding day itinerary, and wedding information packet

-Vendor recommendations based on design, guest count, and budget

-Contract negotiation(s)

-Monthly to-do list emails + regular notifications to keep you in the loop and on track

-Personalized wedding design plan

-Ceremony and ceremony rehearsal coordination

-Coordination of vendors and wedding party

-Set up all personal items for ceremony and reception

-Assistance in choosing hotel(s) for block + block negotiations

-Venue and vendor liaison

-Guidance and sourcing assistance for personal items, stationery, signage, and more

-Floor plan design

-Event management of timeline including setup, getting ready, ceremony, and reception

-Post-reception tear down and clean up

-Delivery of personal items to location of choice

-Lead coordinator and 1 setup manager on your wedding day

and more...

Photographer: Chelsea Reece Photography

Take a second and imagine yourself, your mom, your maid of honor - whomever - trying to do all of this. All of it! Whether you have a planner or not, most, if not all of this will have to happen either before, during, or after your ceremony. Here's what we suggest: treat YOURSELF with a wedding present and invest in a planner! Seriously! The happiest couples are the ones who don't have to worry during their weddings. They don't have to rely solely on family and/or friends to make sure that their wedding goes over smoothly, that catering arrives on time, that you're where you need to be at any given time for your photographer, that your tables and centerpieces are set up for the reception, etc. times infinity. Stuff happens. Linens arrive to the venue in the wrong color... or shape, or size, or material. Cakes run late. Rain will come out of nowhere. A button will fall off of a tuxedo. So. Much. Can. Happen.

Photographer: Chelsea Reece Photography

Let us worry about it! Working with us means peace of mind. It means that your family doesn't feel pressured to create the perfect day, especially when they may not feel like they can pull it off. It means cutting your cake, and eating it too (if you have room - we make SURE that you get to sit and eat at LEAST once). Or, if you prefer to enjoy the donuts like this sweet couple, you can do that, too!

Photographer: Chelsea Reece Photography

If you have any questions, or just want to sit down and talk out your vision to see what we can do to help, reach out to us today! Our dream come true is helping to make your dream come true, too. Please don't hesitate to contact us at:

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