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Hi! I'm Whitney.

I finally made the leap before my 30th birthday and founded XO Event Co. in  Spring 2019.

My experience in the industry began in 2007 at David's Bridal. But, I wanted to be more involved with my brides' wedding day and started to plan and coordinate weddings. In 2010 I became International Event and Wedding Planner through the QC School of Event and Wedding Planning.


I am passionate about all things wedding and love helping a bride dial in on her vision for the big day then executing it. Most would call me a complete logistics nerd and I'll claim it!

I’ve gained my reputation in the industry with both brides and vendors by aiming to provide the best customer service. It seems simple, but often overlooked. Pair that with my knowledge of the Tulsa industry, connections, and of course a few learned from mistakes over the past 10 years and you get the byproduct of dozens of five star reviews from clients and vendors.

My ultimate goal is making sure that everyone, including the bridal party, families, vendors, and most importantly the couple, are stress-free and enjoying the day.

I can’t wait to work with you!


Whitney Williams

Owner + Lead Planner

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Kassie Watson
Lead Planner


Kat Cruice


Brooke Hyden

Sadie Berry

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Brittany Ashton

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Looking to get into the wedding industry? We're always seeking out the best of the best to join our team.


We're passionate about teaching and sharing. Contact us if you're a college junior and senior in need of internship hours.

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