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Why Should I Hire a Travel Agent??

You are engaged, ready to start planning your wedding, and you and your spouse decided to have a destination wedding or honeymoon; HOW EXCITING!!! Now you may be asking yourself, where do I begin? Trying to plan your own destination wedding or honeymoon can be very overwhelming. With the internet and all the available information, choices, and so on at our disposal, planning a destination wedding can be difficult---> and that's where we step in.

What does a Travel Agent do for you? We not only save you hours of internet research, but we also take the stress of coordinating all guests' travel as well. Travel Agents can help you decide if a legal or symbolic ceremony fits you and the requirements for the country you are interested in holding your ceremony. In addition, we keep up on all the promotions, we can save you money by helping select the best venue that offers you the most perks. Many groups can qualify for free weddings, free receptions, upgrades, special services, free nights, the list goes on and on!

One of the most unprecedented times is the pandemic of Covid-19. Now that weddings are booming and travel is opened back up, people are ready to continue their affairs. It can still be complicated with the Covid-19 requirement, testing, and so on. We have adjusted to the new usual and won't let something like Covid-19 hinder your magical day. If Covid-19 caused your flight was to get canceled, then you call us. One of the most challenging situations to catch yourself in is being on hold with any airline. We have the right connections and phone numbers to get you an answer and rebook your flight so that you don't have to stay on hold for hours on end. We take the added stress of the pandemic away.

Why use a Travel Agent? We save you stress, money, and time. If you aren't using an agent, you may be missing out on all kinds of extra perks! We coordinate group rates and give you your own website. This allows guests to contact our agency, taking the stress off of you! We are with you through the entire process, every phone call, decision, inconvenience, and so on. We are available to you for anything. We are just a phone call or email away. When planning your most important day, a good travel agent can save you time, money, and stress!

Let us take the stress out of planning your destination wedding, elopement, honeymoon, or travel so that you can focus on what matters most -- each other. Also, one of the best perks of working with

XO Destination Co. is that we offer FREE honeymoon planning----that's right FREE!!! So what are you waiting for? Let us be a part of making your dream wedding come true!!

Have any questions, comments, ideas, or maybe you need some help through your wedding planning process, travel affairs' etc.? Please don't hesitate to check out XO Destination Co. We would love to help you make all your wedding day dreams, travels, elopement, and so on come true!

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