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Rooftop Wedding Venues that will Blow Your Mind

Choosing a wedding venue is so important, and can sometimes be stressful, so we are here to help as your coordinators! With wedding planning, there are plenty of overwhelming choices that must be made. When it comes to your venue, the sky's the limit, so consider an Oklahoma rooftop wedding venue! Downtown Tulsa has some awesome rooftop options that would be great for your ceremony and reception. Check out these locations that left a mark on us!

Located on the rooftop of 21 N. Greenwood in the Historic Greenwood District of downtown Tulsa, the Vista at 21 is an indoor and outdoor venue with thrilling views. The skyline is neverending from the rooftop of the Vista.

Capacity: 225

Average Price Range: $$$

The Discovery Lab itself was designed to be a place for families to learn and explore. This location can be found at the south end of the Gathering Place. The rooftop is an extraordinary spot for your wedding celebration. Whether your ceremony is small and intimate or big and lavish, this unique space could be perfect for you.

Capacity: 300 seated, 450 standing

Average: $$$

Wellington Brewing Company is an awesome venue with multiple different private space options. If you are looking for a rooftop wedding space, check out their Upstairs Taproom and Rooftop. This spacious area allows for many perks such as the open door policy and a pet-friendly atmosphere if you plan to bring your furry friend to your wedding.

Capacity: 200 for rooftop, 360 for whole venue

Average Price Range: $$

The Ahha museum of art is a vivid experience, especially on your wedding day. The building opened in 2012 and continues to promote creativity throughout Tulsa. If you are looking for a venue for a true celebration, do not skip over Ahha.

Capacity: 250

Average Price Range: $$

Downtown Tulsa’s newest rooftop space at the OKPOP museum is 8,000 square feet and overlooks Main Street and Cain’s Ballroom. The rooftop focuses on 150 years of music talent that has graced Oklahoma. If you are a music buff or are just looking for an all around unique spot for your wedding, the third floor of OKPOP may be for you.

Capacity: TBD

Average Price Range: TBD

The Penthouse Rooftop Bar at the Mayo Hotel serves as Tulsa’s most historic rooftop venue. This spot offers fantastic views that you can not quite get anywhere else. If you chose this spot for your wedding location, you would be sure to experience a unique historical night.

Capacity: 150

Average Price Range: $$$$

This wedding view is the newest rooftop addition to Tulsa. With a distinct modern flare, the Rendezvous Room is located on the 6th floor of the Vast Bank Building in Downtown Tulsa. This balcony experience overlooks the Drillers stadium, which most certainly is not a view you could find anywhere else!

Capacity: 200

Average Price Range: $

The Agora Event Center is full of beauty and quality. The downtown sky-line of Tulsa can be viewed so well from the rooftop. This venue offers panoramic views that make your experience unforgettable.

Capacity: 300 seated, 450 standing

Average Price Range: $$$

Have any questions, comments, ideas, or maybe you need some help through your wedding planning process? Please don't hesitate tocontact us. We would love to help you make all your wedding day dreams come true!

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