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Our Favorite Details for Spring Weddings

As each season comes and goes, the styles change. Fall brings warm and moody tones, winter brings a holiday filled wonderland, but spring and its beautiful colors and flowers are finally here. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite spring wedding and event staples.

- Cascading Florals

These cascading florals were designed by wedding florist, Mandy Miller at a previous wedding we coordinated at the Mansion in Woodward Park. These florals bring a sense of elegance to any venue and contribute so well to the spring vibes. Even your guests will feel like royalty around these flowers.

White and green florals cascade down grey steps inside the Mansion in Woodward Park.
Photo by Emily Burney Photography

- Balloon Garland

These extravagant balloon setups are probably some of the most fun decor you will see this spring. These balloons add fun and spunk to your wedding or reception and make for amazing pictures. If you are looking for something new and unique, check out Balloon Therapy Tulsa.

The reception room is decorated with multiple balloons of a variety of colors and shapes.
Photo by Jadyn Noelle Photography

- Bright Colored Bouquets

We love all the bright colors that springtime brings. When it comes to your floral arrangements, there is so much freedom in making your bouquet fit what you are looking for. Whether you want wild and whimsical or fresh and clean, you can bring in the spring aesthetic through the colors you incorporate. Okie Floral Co. never fails us with her beautiful florals.

A photo of a vibrant multi-colored bouquet with ribbons tied on.
Photo by Jadyn Noelle Photography

- The Color Palette

Choosing your color palette is one of the biggest decisions in planning your wedding. The vibrant colors that come with spring are what make the season so perfect for weddings. Check out this details shot taken by Andi Bravo Photography! This color scheme gives all the romantic feels and is so creative and stunning.

A details shot of invitations and wedding cards with floral designs and pink and red colors.
Photo by Andi Bravo Photography

- Detailed Cakes

The cake is always something you and your guests look forward to seeing. No matter if the cake is simple or extravagant, it always draws people in. We loved seeing the beautiful and intricate details in this cake made by Miranda’s Cake Cafe. With watercolor like art, this dessert will make your guests’ jaws drop.

Wedding cake decorated with water colored flower designs.
Photo by Taylor Rayanne Photography

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