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2024 Trend: Wedding Content Creation

As we step into 2024, a rising trend in wedding documentation is the emergence of wedding content creation. More couples are leaning towards the immediacy and authenticity it offers, alongside the timeless allure of a videographer's work. The desire to have both is becoming increasingly popular for capturing the essence of the day.

Content Creator: 

  • Immediate, raw behind-the-scenes snippets within 24 hours, capturing the unfiltered authenticity and intimate moments of your day.

  • Shared with you via airdrop or Google Drive within 24 hours

  • IG Reels or Snip Its: Shared to instagram with you as a collaborator, or can be sent to you to post within 72 hours

  • My content, behind the scenes (BTS) and reels by This Magic Moment

  • Price range: $650-1200


  • Crafts a polished cinematic highlight reel, focusing on grandeur and creating a timeless masterpiece.

  • Depending on your videographer can be 4 weeks to 4 months! Usually shared in a link on youtube 

  • My wedding video  by JAG Photo+Video

  • Price range: $2000-5000

Having both offers the best of both worlds - the immediacy and authenticity alongside the cinematic beauty. It's a comprehensive storytelling approach that ensures your day is captured from every angle.

Want to know more? Read this blog post.

Ready to add content creation or learn more about packages? Contact This Magic Moment and let Sadie know you are an XO Event Co. client and want to take advantage of the special discount by 1/15!

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